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Our Mission & Strategy

To follow our God-given purpose, mission and a strategy to fulfil it

  • Having a global overview, and time sensitivity of entering into relationships with individuals, cities and countries

  • Setting up regions in Europe, Americas, Africa & Asia

  • Becoming relevant with prophetic trends


To set up a Coordinating group and determine their Qualifications

  • The appointment / election of new members to the Presbytery tier & Executive tier

  • Any member of the tiers must be a duly consecrated Bishop with confirmed paper trail

  • Adjudication and Consecration responsibilities


To have an Educational component

  • Formal training and the ongoing development of leaders at all levels (Church & Marketplace)

  • Bible Schools / Ministry

  • Entrepreneurial & Business development training


To establish Membership levels

  • Acceptance of new members

  • Determination of membership criteria


To determine Membership dues periodically for:

  • Presbyters

  • Bishops

  • General Membership



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