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TNCB is established with 3 main purposes:

1.  Facilitating meaningful relationships within the conclave and associating Bishops;


2.  Equipping and developing churches, ministries, and other Kingdom groups through;

     (1.)  Accountability

     (2.)  Spirit of Excellence

     (3.)  Kingdom perspective in service and worship


3.  Promoting a common vision and doctrine;

     (1.)  That the Church of Jesus Christ may be glorious in its local expression;

     (2.)  That new churches may be planted, grown, led to maturity for the expansion of the Kingdom

             of God;

     (3.)  That the members of churches presided over by a conclave Bishop in any difficulty should

             be able to count on the conclave for resources to help them overcome their difficulties.


4.  Conclave Membership, Relationships, Benefits & Responsibilities:

     (1.)  Fathering (covering) ministries

     (2.)  Kingdom fellowship with members

     (3.)  Providing ongoing support and training

     (4.)  Social community and entrepreneurial development

     (5.)  HQ and Regional setups 

     (6.)  Special conclave projects (medium

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